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With the long-term high temperature gradually faded, 90 days of new promotional activities, the momentum even more! At the same time, Meiling biomedical national inspection activities are also carried out in full swing!

The end of Beijing, Kunming trip, after-sale inspection team went to Guangzhou - Guangzhou, professional equipment, superb technology, standardized process, 2016 Meiling Biomedical National Inspection Guangzhou official kicked off.

National inspection activities, is a Meiling biological medical products sold for all day-to-day maintenance and maintenance, due to improper operation of the potential trouble-shooting and temperature parameters set the operating system training and so on.

The inspection team south of Guangzhou, is in-depth Sun Yat-sen University, South China Agricultural University and other colleges and universities and scientific research unit users to deal with potential product failures, the installation of cooling fans, cleaning refrigerator filters, system training, the proper use of equipment and routine maintenance Methods, to provide users with a better product experience.

Meiling Bio-medical national inspection program, not only improve customer satisfaction, allowing users to personally experience from Meiling Biomedical people "in the heart, table in line" service concept, improve the company and product reputation, leaving all Dealers Brothers Meiling profound sense of the intentions of medical care for both sides to win more cooperation to add more self-confidence!