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Meiling 1L/2L Molecular Sieve Oxygen Machine
  • Meiling 1L/2L Molecular Sieve Oxygen Machine

Meiling 1L/2L Molecular Sieve Oxygen Machine

•Net weight: 6±1(kg)

•Noise value: ≤45dB

•Oxygen concentration: 93%±3% (V/V)

•Flow range: 1-2L /min


Meiling 1L / 2L molecular sieve oxygen machine is equiped with imported molecular sieve, and has the function of lifetime efficient oxygen production.The humidifying cup is made of nano-antibacterial materials. it has low noise and can be used for  oxygen production or liquid atomization.

Large flow rate can adjust the maximum oxygen concentration up to 95%. It has functions of oxygen production, atomization, and anion. It's easy to operate with high oxygen concentration and low noise.


1. What is the working principle of the oxygen generator? Do I need to add anything?

The principle of the oxygen machine is that molecular sieve can purify the oxygen in the air, and you do not need to add anything.

2.Is there any difference between home oxygen generator and hospital oxygen generator?

Medical oxygen tank of oxygen concentration is proportional to the gas flow, and is inversely proportional tothe domestic oxygenation device of oxygen concentration and gas flow rate, withouttoo high oxygen concentration which is easy to cause poisoning.Home oxygen generator is often used in health care, which can make the patient have the effect of improvement and remission by using adjustable gear to change oxygen concentration to different level while preserving the same effect of oxygen absorption.

3. Can the aged above 70 years old operate alone at home?

The oxygen generator is a simple one-button operation which is easy to use, and the clear screen is convenient for the elderly to use.



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.