Sphygmomanometer AES-U131
  • Sphygmomanometer AES-U131

Sphygmomanometer AES-U131

•A new type of booster silent blood pressure meter

•LCD screen, 3 function keys

•Ninety pairs of independent data records

•Dual battery power supply


Meiling step-down blood pressure meter supports 90 pairs of memory, LCD large screen digital display, real person voice broadcast, USB power supply or battery power supply, automatic one-button test.

A new type of booster silent blood pressure meter

We adopt a large amount of clinical data to reconstruct SOC chip algorithm, providing continuous, efficient and accurate analysis data, accurately measuring high and low blood pressure, pulse value, etc., and giving comprehensive blood pressure level and heart rate, etc.

LCD screen, 3 function keys

LCD screen, 3 function keys

Every icon and text is enlarged, making it easy for parents to read even if they have presbyopia.Three function buttons are simple to operate, so parents can easily learn to how to use it. Large screen design brings more delicate and comfortable visual experience.

Ninety pairs of independent data records

It can record the blood pressure changes of parents and other two people, and keep or adjust to good living habits through blood pressure changes and diet and exercise, so that the health of the family is always in hand

Dual battery power supply

With a battery, you can take your blood pressure monitor with you, and the health of a family traveling can be mastered

Even if there is no battery, it also can be measured by the power supply, so parents do not have to go downstairs to buy batteries

Press one key to open the pressure measurement

Meling blood pressure meter is simple to operate. Put on the sleeve belt and turn on with one key. After the 1S machine self-check, it will start pressure measurement, and it's time to enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.