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4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L
  • 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L
  • 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L
  • 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L
  • 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L
  • 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L

4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L

•High-precision temperature control

•Fast refrigeration and constant temperature

•Human-oriented design and easy to handle

•Safeguarding security of blood products

•Adjustable 5 units trays made of steel wire


Meling 4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator XC-588L is perfect for storage of whole blood, plasma, vaccine, medicine, and other medical / laboratory materials. It can well keep the temperature stability for safeguarding of blood storage. This 4 degree blood storage refrigerator allows automatic temperature control, and the automatic defrost feature enables the temperature uniformity in the cabinet so that to keep the blood products safe. It has 2 sensitive sensors and security audible and visual alarm system. And the microprocessor-based temperature controller of the blood storage refrigerator allows it to keep the temperature range in 4°C.

Powerful Refrigeration System
Meling professional 4°C blood bank refrigerator is adopted international famous compressor and EBM fan motor. The forced air circulation system enables fast refrigeration but in low noise. And it comes with high-effective air-cooled condenser and fin-type evaporator. The Freon-free refrigerant is environmentally-friendly.

Constant Temperature under Intelligent Control

This blood storage refrigerator is equipped with microprocessor-based temperature controller, which performs constant temperature. It makes sure the temperature in the range of 4°C and stable. This blood storage refrigerator is designed with the large screen LCD display and can display the temperature in accuracy of 0.1°C.

Safely Protect Blood
This blood bank refrigerator comes with well-developed audible & visual alarm system, ensuring the blood bank refrigerator safer for storage of blood. It is equipped with digital average temperature display on the control panel, which facilitates observation and monitoring of temperature inside the cabinet, and the precision of temperature display reaches 0.1℃.

Human-oriented Design
The door is equipped with a lock to prevent it from opening unauthorized. There are four universal casters at the bottom of the cabinet for easy moving, and they have the function of self-locking. The blood storage refrigerator is used high-quality steel wire shelves, which are easy to clean and convenient for storage and removal of things.


Mappings  Mappings

Scope of Application  Scope of Application

Suitable for storage of whole blood, blood platelets, red blood cells, biological products, vaccines, drugs, reagents, etc.; Suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, research institutions, disease prevention & control centers, etc.


4℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator
Internal Size(W*D*H)mm650*607*1403
External Size(W*D*H)mm760*800*1940
Package Size(W*D*H)mm890*865*2118
Temperature Range2~6℃
Ambient Temperature16-32℃
Cooling Performance4℃
Climate ClassN
DisplayTouch screen
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Defrost ModeAutomatic
Insulation Thickness(mm)55
External MaterialSpray cold rolled steel plate
Inner MaterialStainless steel
Shelves5(coated steel wired shelf)
Door Lock with KeyYes
Blood Basket20
Access Port1pc. Ø 25 mm
Casters4(2 caster with brake)
Data Logging/Interval/Recording TimePrinter/Record every 20 minute / 7days
Door with HeaterYes
TemperatureHigh/Low temperature
ElectricalPower failure , Low battery
SystemSennor error,Door ajar
Power Supply(V/HZ)230±10%/50
Rated Current(A)3.43
Options Accessory
SystemChart recorder



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.