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Conventional T Series Cryo Tubes
  • Conventional T Series Cryo Tubes
  • Conventional T Series Cryo Tubes
  • Conventional T Series Cryo Tubes

Conventional T Series Cryo Tubes

•Medical-grade material

•Large label for better notes

•High transparency with scale

•Silica-gel square joint ring

•DNase and RNase free


Medical-grade material, temperature range from -196℃ to 121℃

Large label for better notes

High transparency with scale for better observation of samples

Silica-gel square joint ring to assure sealing

DNase and RNase free

No endotoxin or pyrogen Gamma irradiation sterilization

Endure centrifugal force to 17000*g

Round or self-standing (star-shape or parenthesis-shape) tube bottom

Internal/External Thread: Sizes vary from 1.0 to 5.0 ml

Six different colors for color labeling (red, yellow, white, green, blue, light green)

Packed with hermetic bags Batch numbers are printed on the product package for tracking Outer box can hold 200-lbs pressure to assure transportation Safety.

Freezer Boxes

Various sizes of Boxes are available for storing cryo tubes commonly required in Biobanks.

Product features

Medical-grade high-transparent PP/PC materials of high endurance

Temperature range of -86℃ and -196℃ to 121℃, the boxes are designed to handle liquid nitrogen temperature of -196℃.

To sterilization temperature of 121℃ under pressure without losing their integrity

Transparent lid designed for the convenience of observing samples in the box

Grid and number codes are printed on the lid for storage management to avoid mistakes when storing and retrieving of samples

The box has pre-designed gap for fast cooling or liquid outflow of samples This design also prevents frosting from foaming

Special design of edges and angles to ensure proper lid closing

Standard dimension design suits all standard freezer racks

Fit in freezer perfectly to improve storage space utilization

Freezer Racks

Our freezer racks fit various sizes of freezers and they are compatible with freezer boxes provided by other manufacturers. These freezer racks improve freezer space utilization and satisfy storage requirements of biobanks.

Side-access freezer rack features

Frame and interior grids are made with 304 stainless steel for durability and better appearance No sharp edges to avoid risk of injury  Steel plate thickness: combination of 0.5 and 1.0mm Side-access design makes it convenient and economic. Suitable for common low temperature freezers Perfectly suitable for standard sized freezer boxes The front side is printed with Meling stenciled seal Provide personalized customization

Sliding-drawer freezer rack features

Made with 304 stainless steel  Steel plate thickness: Combination of 0.5mm and 1.0mm Sliding-drawer design for convenient operations Low temperature rated plastic handles are standard on draw racks for ese and safety of operation

Labeling slots are standard on draws. The outward pouch design protects the slot from potential damage caused by low temperature  The front side is printed with Meling's seal Provide personalized customization



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.