2~8℃ Explosion Proof Refrigerator YC-360EL
  • 2~8℃ Explosion Proof Refrigerator YC-360EL
  • 2~8℃ Explosion Proof Refrigerator YC-360EL
  • 2~8℃ Explosion Proof Refrigerator YC-360EL
  • 2~8℃ Explosion Proof Refrigerator YC-360EL

2~8℃ Explosion Proof Refrigerator YC-360EL

•Human-oriented design

•Comprehensive anti-static

•Comprehensive explosion-proof

•National explosion-proof certification

•Microcomputer temperature control system


Microcomputer Temperature Control System

Meiling Explosion-proof refrigerators is used High-precision microcomputer temperature control system with built-in safety barrier PT100 sensor ensures operationsafe and stable.

High brightness digital display, softer visual. And the temperature inside the cabinet is maintained in the range of 2~8 °C, and the display accuracy is 0.1 °C.

Comprehensive Explosion-proof

Comprehensive anti-static technology; the casing and the inner lining, the door shell and the door lining are all connected by copper stranded wires, and the movable parts in the storage space are made of metal.

The electronic control components are explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and moulded explosion-proof.

Equipped with diaphragm type condenser,it can stably dissipate heat,

and greatly reduce the impact of dust on heat dissipation.

Security System

The fan circulation in the cabinet is coordinated with the circulation inside the air duct to ensure

temperature performance inside the cabinet.

2 Anti-collision boards backside to provide enough heat for the refrigerator space.

Brand New Look

New appearance, new color, ergonomic layout, easy to use

Foam door with door lock to prevent unauthorized opening,

The door has a metal handle for easy use.

Human-oriented design

The Explosion-Proof Refrigerator is made of sheet metal, and the cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and corrosion resistant;

5-layer pullable and adjustable shelves; the shelves position and quantity can be adjusted if needed. Shelf stop design can prevent shelves suddenly pulled out and fell.

There are two layers of large space drawer at cabinet bottom which satisfies requirement oflarge capacity to store.


Mappings  Mappings

Scope of Application  Scope of Application

It is suitable for storing inflammable, explosive, vaporizing and corrosive chemical reagents and experimental reagents. Also, it is applicable for university laboratories and research institutes.


2~8℃ Pharmacy Refrigerator
Internal Size(W*D*H)mm530*565*1312
External Size(W*D*H)mm640*696*1880
Package Size(W*D*H)mm748*805*2046
Temperature Range2~8℃
Ambient Temperature16-32℃
Cooling Performance5℃
Climate ClassN
DisplayDigital display
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Defrost ModeAutomatic
Insulation Thickness(mm)55
External MaterialCarbon steel spraying
Inner Material 304Stainless steel
Shelves4+2(Stainless steel shelf)
Door Lock with KeyYes
Casters4(4 caster with brake)
TemperatureHigh/Low temperature
SystemSensor error
Power Supply(V/HZ)230±10%/50
Rated Current(A)1.64



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.