Blood Bank Cold Storage

The cold storage of blood products is a storage warehouse dedicated to the storage of blood products. The importance of it is self-evident. It is related to the safety of people's lives and property, especially for some thin ischemic types. A good cold storage system equipment is very important. Hospitals, blood stations and other institutions are basically equipped with their own dedicated cold storage of blood products.


1. Design requirements

(1) The blood product cold storage shall be equipped with two-way power supply and emergency power generation equipment;

(2) The requirements of cleanliness, temperature uniformity and stability should be met in the library, and the design work should be done at the beginning of the design;

(3) Blood products in different storage temperature zones should be placed in dedicated cold storage;

(4) The cold storage should be equipped with intelligent management system, temperature monitoring system, temperature and humidity recorder, sound and light alarm device.

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