-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-HL1008S

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-HL1008S

  • Fast refrigeration and targeted refrigerationFast refrigeration and targeted refrigeration
  • Five magic weapons for energy savingFive magic weapons for energy saving
  • The world's largest capacity for high-efficient storage ULT freezerThe world's largest capacity for high-efficient storage ULT freezer
  • VIP plus vacuum insulation thermal plateVIP plus vacuum insulation thermal plate
  • Low-noise and environmentally friendly designLow-noise and environmentally friendly design

about us

Caring for life, caring for health. Sailing off for the life science!

At Meling, we believe there is a way to create best products.

We are obsessively passionate about cryogenic technology, delicate appearance, quality and user friendly.

We devote ourselves to be one of the best global innovators in refrigeration solutions for life sciences.

  • 30+ yrs. Cryogenic Technology
    30 +
    yrs. Cryogenic Technology

    We have professional refrigerator and freezer development experience. Perfect quality control system ensures the quality of products.

  • 5000 sq.m. R&D Center
    sq.m. R&D Center

    Meling has established a 5000 sq. m. R&D center with well 200+ mechanical engineers and industrial designers to develop new products.

  • 60000 sq.m. Industrial Plant
    sq.m. Industrial Plant

    We have build a 60000 sq.m. industrial plant to ensure product lines run smoothly and enlarge the refrigerator and freezer productivity.

  • 7X24 hrs. Technical Support
    hrs. Technical Support

    7X24 hours technical support and customer service system provide fast, detailed and professional responses for your questions.



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