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2℃~8℃ Pharmacy /Vaccine Refrigerator‎ for Pharmacy and Laboratory YC-395L
2℃~8℃ Pharmacy /Vaccine Refrigerator‎ for Pharmacy and Laboratory YC-395L

•Leading air cooling performance

•Energy saving efficiency improved 40%+

•Electrical heating door for better anti-condensation effect

•7 sensors for high precision of temperature control

•Intelligent audible and visible alarm system

2℃~8℃ Ice Lined Refrigerator Medical Refrigerator YC-275EW
2℃~8℃ Ice Lined Refrigerator Medical Refrigerator YC-275EW

•Constant temperature under intelligent control

•Well-developed audible & visual alarm

•High-efficiency Freon-free refrigeration

•Meling Ice Lined Refrigerator with PQS certification

•4-digit LED high-brightness digital display

2℃~8℃ Pharmacy / Medical Refrigerator Lab Refrigerator YC-650L
2℃~8℃ Pharmacy / Medical Refrigerator Lab Refrigerator YC-650L

•Leading air cooling performance

•Energy saving efficiency improved 40%+

•Electrical heating door for better anti-condensation effect

•6 sensors for high precision of temperature control

•Intelligent audible and visible alarm system

Better Science, Better Life
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Caring for life, caring for health. Sailing off for the life science!

At Meling, we believe there is a way to create best products. We are obsessively passionate about cryogenic technology, delicate appearance, quality and user friendly. We devote ourselves to be one of the best global innovators in refrigeration solutions for life sciences.

yrs. Cryogenics Technology
30+ yrs. Cryogenics Technology

We have professional refrigerator and freezer development experience. Perfect quality control system ensures the quality of products.

sq.m. R&D Center
5000 sq.m. R&D Center

Meling has established a 5000 sq. m. R&D center with well 200+ mechanical engineers and industrial designers to develop new products.

sq.m. Industrial Plant
85000 sq.m. Industrial Plant

We have build a 85000 sq.m. industrial plant to ensure product lines run smoothly and enlarge the refrigerator and freezer productivity.

hrs. Technical Support
7X24 hrs. Technical Support

7×24 hours technical support and customer service system provide fast, detailed and professional responses for your questions.

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News For Life Science
On September 23th, the 16th Tsinghua University Doctoral Academic Forum of "Life Science, Medicine and Pharmacy", sponsored by Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., LTD., kicked off in Xiongan New Area beside the beautiful Baiyangdian Lake. Sui Senfang, a biophysicist at Tsinghua University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Wu Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Life Sciences of Tsinghua University, Qu Yaohui, General Manager of Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. and nearly 300 teachers and students from the School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine, and School of Pharmacy of Tsinghua University participated in the academic forum. This forum is an open sharing of scientific research, as well as a collision and integration of industry and scientific research! Zhongke Meiling and Tsinghua University have once again linked up to jointly promote the in-depth integration of industry and research, adding vitality to the high-quality development of scientific research! This high-level, high-quality, comprehensive and cutting-edge academic exchange platform not only becomes a showcase for exchanges and collisions of outstanding talents in the fields of life sciences, medicine, and pharmacy, but also promotes in-depth, multi-angle, and all-round exchanges between different disciplines and different laboratories. Academic exchanges and cooperation have now become an excellent opportunity for the integration of scientific research and industrial innovation, and an important activity to accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy. Zhongke Meiling brought a typical application of mixed working fluid refrigeration technology to this forum, -86℃ ultra-low temperature refrigerator DW680. The high-quality performance of dual-engine inverter is a manifestation of the high-quality application of mixed working fluid refrigeration technology, and is widely used in education and production in medical, universities and enterprises at home and abroad. In addition, Zhongke Meiling also brought new high-end products—Ruigu series high-speed refrigerated centrifuge CT-G185R, Ruishen series liquid nitrogen biological container MYDD-450-326 and explosion-proof refrigerator, etc. Teachers and students at the forum also had a strong interest in the products and visited and learned about them. The integrated development of industry, university, research and application is a key link in implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, and is an inevitable requirement for promoting economic growth from high-speed to high-quality development. In the future, Zhongke Meiling will also carry out longer-term and in-depth cooperation based on the Tsinghua University Doctoral Forum. Focusing on the requirements of high-quality development, we will explore the frontiers of science and technology with Tsinghua University to promote the development of cutting-edge science and technology in th...
  • Zhongke Meiling Products Are Widely Favored At Arablab 2023
    Arablab 2023, the most influential annual exhibition in the global laboratory and analysis industry, will be grand opening today, Zhongke Meiling will present its new technology ultra-low temperature freezer series at Booth No. 644 in Hall S1. We cordially invite you to our exhibition area, and our experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide you with personalized advice on product performance and how to make the best use our products, also a full range of sample storage solutions in the field, like vaccine storage solution, MIBS solution, blood security solution, ect. We sized this precious opportunity to present fit products including -20~-40℃undercounter ultra-low temperature freezer DW-FL90,-40~-86℃touch screen ULT freezer DW-HL398/SA, 2~8℃ undercounter pharmacy refrigerator YC-130L and -10°C ~-25°C cost-effective biomedical freezer DW-YL270.You will have the opportunity to learn about our new product lines, experience live demonstrations and to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with our experienced team.Or if you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us on email The exhibition gathers the most cutting-edge medical equipment and solutions at home and abroad. Zhongke Meiling have focused on the field of refrigeration for more than 30 years, always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, committed to life and health sciences, and jointly promote the high-quality development of digital medicine. Exhibition venue: Dubai World Trade CentreExhibition Time: 19th - 21st September, 2023Zhongke Meiling Booth: No. 644 in Hall S1.Zhongke Meiling is waiting for you to visit the exhibition area No. 644 in Hall S1. See you at Arablab 2023 in Dubai!    
    September 19, 2023
  • Zhongke Meiling Fully Supports The Joint Construction Of “ The Belt and Road ”
    The magnificent practice of jointly building “The Belt and Road ” witness to the solid steps taken by China and other countries in the new era. The project of the China-Myanmar National Center of Disease Control and Medical Training Center is one of the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries on cooperation in the field of health, which is another symbol of the friendship and friendly cooperation between Myanmar and China. As a state-owned enterprise that keeps pace with the development of the country, Zhongke Meiling has demonstrated the excellent level of foreign medical equipment in this project,contributing to the construction of Myanmar's medical system and promoting "The Belt and Road" cooperation to a new level. Considering the urgency of this order, Zhongke Meiling made every effort to support the production and delivery of the products, so as to put the freezers into use as soon as possible to facilitate Myanmar National Center of Disease Control and Medical Training Center. On September 15th, Zhongke Meiling completed the delivery of all products. The products are included from the range of -164℃/-150℃ cryogenic freezer, -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezer and -40℃ ultra-low temperature freezer. The new generation of ultra low temperature refrigeration system can ensure fast refrigeration and intelligent temperature control and was awarded with the Second Prize under State Technological Invention Award. Zhongke Meiling ULT freezers are widely use as laboratory freezer in laboratories, for science studies in key universities, for sample storage in gene banks and so on. The -164℃/-150℃ cryogenic freezer adopts targeted refrigeration and uses industrial compressor,which has fast refrigeration speed and good stability. The -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezer with optimized cooling system and ergonomic design which adopted leading-edge frequency conversion technology and dual cooling system, bringing it lowest energy consumption and highest level protection.The safest freezer with the dual compressor system is suitable to store precious laboratory samples which must persevere at ultra low temperature up to -70℃. It can offer the highest level of protection for once one system unexpectedly fails and the other can continue to maintain the freezer around at -70°C. The -40℃ ultra-low temperature freezer is special for medical freezer and lab freezer. It designed with two compressors and two chambers, which allows users to control the upper chamber and lower chamber independently. And the high-precision microcomputer temperature control system has the ability to set the temperature inside the cabinet in the range of -20°C ~-40°C. Zhongke Meiling will continue to accelerate innovation and empower global medical and scientific research, interpret the power of Chinese quality products and let the world see the light of Zhongke Meiling medical brand.  
    September 18, 2023
  • Arablab 2023: Zhongke Meiling is waiting for you!
    Arablab is thought as the largest global trade show for laboratory science and device, which is expected to attracted 10,000 visitors from over 120 countries. The event will feature more than 1,000 exhibitors showcasing the newest technologies from laboratories and research center worldwide.This year, the ArabLab will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, September 19 to Thursday, September 21, 2023 in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) . 8:00 am - 5:00 am Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre Tuesday, September 19 to Thursday, September 21, 2023 Zhongke Meiling is honored to be a member of such an important global event as it brings an excellent platform for us to showcase cryogenics industry professionals on the value of the high-quality standards and services. We are looking forward to participating in this year’s Arablab in Dubai.This time we will present the prominent 2~8℃ Undercounter Pharmacy Refrigerator YC-130L and Pharmacy Refrigerator YC-315L,-10°C ~-25°C Cost-Effective Biomedical Freezer DW-YL270, -20~-40℃ Undercounter Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer DW-FL90 and -40~-86℃Touch Screen ULT  DW-HL398/SA. Visit us at our Booth No. 644, Hall S1 and discover how our excellent refrigerator and freezeer can support research and research and laboratory customers with secure and reliable sample storage. If you have any question of our product, please feel free to contact us or send  an email to                                                                                    (photo from  
    September 01, 2023
Cheng Da Biotechnology

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