Cold-chain Storage

Program Content:

Blood, plasma, reagents, pharmaceuticals and other products, pharmaceutical products in the low-temperature state will not degenerate failure, to extend the shelf-life of medical products. Medical products are used in cold storage.


Program Advantages:

Biomedical cold storage of the storage environment has strict requirements, high-precision temperature and humidity control and high-quality equipment and materials to ensure the quality of drug storage. Meiling biomedical cold storage are well-known international brands of refrigeration equipment, such as refrigeration systems using the United States Emerson Copeland compressor, the German Bitzer compressor or Denmark Danfoss compressor.


1, professional engineering and technical team, with a wealth of design, installation and after-sales service experience.

2, covering the country's after-sales service network to protect after-sales service timely and effective.

3, a sound platform for suppliers, users choose the best product portfolio.

4, strict quality, environmental protection, occupational health management system.

5, big brands, credit and quality assurance, buy the rest assured.

6, user-friendly design, environmental protection, energy saving, security protection and intelligent management.

7, a sound product supply chain, one-stop solution provider.

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