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deep freezer

•Two variable-frequency Refrigeration Systems •UL/CE Certified •HC Green Refrigerant •Temperature Uniformity:3℃ •Power Consumption as 9.9kw/24h. •10-inch Intelligent Touch Screen •6 Sides VIP Vacuum Insulation Material

deep freezer

•Two-stage Cascade Variable Frequency Systems •UL/CE Certified •HC refrigerant •Power Consumption as 8.7kw/24h. •Temperature Uniformity:3℃ •10-inch Intelligent Touch Screen •6 sides VIP vacuum Insulation Material

medical refrigerator

•Eddy Current Full Air Cooling Multi - duct design •UL/CE Certified •Temperature Uniformity <2℃ •44.8dB(A) Noise. •2 years Temp Data Recording •Automatic Door Heating System

undercounter freezer

•High-precision Temperature Control System •Powerful Refrigeration System •Effective Thermal Insulation System •Audible and Visual Alarm System •Platinum resistor temperature sensors

undercounter refrigerator

•True Air Cooling Technology •UL/CE Certified •SNAP/EPA List HC Refrigerant •41.8dB(A) Noise. •2 years Temp Data Recording •Automatic Door Heating System

medical refrigerator

•Leading air cooling performance •Energy saving efficiency improved 40%+ •Electrical heating door for better anti-condensation effect •6 sensors for high precision of temperature control •Intelligent audible and visible alarm system

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