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Program content:

Meiling blood safety solutions include five aspects of blood collection, transportation, storage, blood transfusion, and cold chain safety, providing users with real-time monitoring of full-process temperature. Meet the needs of users to store a variety of samples such as platelets, whole blood, red blood cells, plasma.


Core Products:

Fourth-generation blood box XC-268L, XC-630LC, medical refrigerator YC-1320LC, -40 degree plasma refrigerator DW-FL450, chilled and frozen Box YCD-EL289, -86 °C blood cell cryostat DW-HW328 and so on.


Program advantages:

· Professional storage box approved by the State Food and Drug Administration: medical device registration certificate

· Visual temperature display and sound and light alarm function

· High and low temperature controller design + backup battery design to ensure temperature stability and monitoring

· Optional temperature recorder, USB recording and saving temperature for traceability

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