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When it comes to refrigeration, Meling has over 37 years of experience, easily ranking them as one of the leading experts when it comes to refrigeration technology.

Great product,valuable for money.Company did A lot to get me the equipment my company needs.Great service.

Love the fridges. Perfect size for any needs. If you are looking for freezer or refrigerator for your laboratory or pharmaceutical Factory,Meling may be perfect choice for you!!

The freezer and refrigerators have been above expectations. The price was very low. The machines are very powerful.

Meling medical refrigerators are of high quality and can meet our requirements for different temperature zones!

Great service! Meling medical refrigerator is a great choice!

Choose The Best Laboratory Fridges And Freezers
The best laboratory refrigerator and freezers should meet the demand of the lab material storage requirements. First, the lab fridge and freezer need to come with the feature of high-precision temperature control, ensuring it can reach ±1℃ precision. Second, the internal and external materials of the machine must be anticorrosive for security storage. Third, there should be temperature control panel on the refrigerator and freezer for controlling and monitoring the temperature anytime to protect the lab materials. Forth, a lab freezer or refrigerator with lock will be the best choice to prevent unauthorized access.

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