COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Solution - 2~8℃ Vaccine Refrigerator


 The Single-dose COVID-19 Vaccine Ad5-nCoV Suitable for Mass Vaccination Following the release of Phase III clinical data of two inactivated vaccines from Sinopharm Group and SINOVAC BIOTECH, the latest data of Ad5-nCoV, an adenovirus vector vaccine jointly developed by the team of Academician Chen Wei of the Academy of Military Sciences and Cansino Bio, was released on February 8.With only one injection, the protection rate can reach 74.8 %.Ad5-nCoV vaccine is the world's first COVID-19 vaccine to enter the clinical research phase which began on March 17 2020.And it is also one of the only two single-dose vaccines in the world that have released the Phase III trial data. Previously,the Johnson & Johnson in the United States announced the results of the its  adenovirus vaccine, with the overall protection rate of 66%.

The Phase III clinical trial of Ad5-nCoV was first launched in Pakistan on September 22, 2020.At present, clinical trials of the vaccine have been conducted in 78 clinical research centers in five countries on three continents and nearly 50,000 people have been vaccinated.In the results of the Phase III clinical trial conducted in Pakistan, 28 days after a single injection of the vaccine, the vaccine's protective efficacy against severe new coronary pneumonia was 100%, and the overall protective efficacy was 74.8%, without any serious adverse reactions related to the vaccine.

 Unlike inactivated and mRNA vaccines, this vaccine does not require two injections, and only one injection can be used for immunity, which is very important for the global promotion of vaccination. Although other countries in the world have successively developed COVID-19 vaccines and achieved some results, compared with international demand, it is still a drop in the bucket.

Ad5-nCoV is a single-dose vaccine so the procedure for vaccination is simple. It can vaccinate more people in the same period of time, which is beneficial to protect as many people as possible in the shortest time and can achieve rapid mass vaccination. It is reported that another advantage of the vaccine is that it only needs to be stored at 2 to 8 ℃, suitable for transportation and distribution.Mass vaccination requires a large number of refrigerators for vaccine storage.

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