Meling Provided Strong Support for The vaccination Safety of Beijing Citizens during This Chinese New Year


On February 16, staffs at a temporary inoculation site in Beijing's Tongzhou District began their busy work. There was a Meling 2-8℃ pharmacy refrigerator on each vaccination table where the COVID-19 vaccine prepared for citizens was placed. During the Chinese New Year holiday from February 11th to 17th,the vaccination work at 17 site in Tongzhou District has been continuously carried out , the daily vaccination capacity can reach 20,000. In order to ensure that citizens in Tongzhou District can successfully and safely complete the vaccination during the holiday, Meling  has been carrying out multi-batch and large-scale transportation and installation of vaccine refrigerators since February 8,to meet the daily vaccination demand of 20,000 people. In fact, , Meling has been continuously supporting vaccination in Beijing since January. On January 15, at the request of the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Meling allocated nearly 1,000 pharmacy refrigerators to meet the vaccine storage requirements at the temporary vaccination sites of  JD Group headquarters and SMIC.

On the third day of the Chinese New Year, when thousands of families were their reunion enjoying, Meling’s production workshop has began busy work.Trucks of pharmacy refrigerators were dispatched from the production line to vaccination points across the country,which supported the vaccination work recently.

Through continuous breakthrough and upgrading of ultra-low temperature technology,Meling provides a variety of COVID-19 vaccine storage solutions  for the requirements of different  freezing and cold storage requirements of different vaccines. Relying on the technological advantages in the field of ultra-low temperature refrigeration, we can provide full temperature range storage requirements from -164℃ to 8℃ ,including 2-8℃ pharmacy refrigerators ,-86℃ ultra-low temperature freezers ,-25℃ biomedical freezers ,2~8°C /-10~-26°C,2~8°C /-10~-40°C combined refrigerator & freezers.

The vaccination work is currently being carried out in an orderly manner across China. With unique technical advantages and stable performance, Meling 2-8℃ pharmacy refrigerators have been used for COVID-19 vaccine inoculation in CDCs and hospitals of many provinces and cities across the country. Meling’s support for vaccination will not stop , and we will always adhere to the business philosophy of "technology-based, product-based, market-oriented, and user-centered", committed to providing users with more quality products and better services.