The 19th Anniversary of Meling Biology & Medical


In October 2002, Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd. and the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reached a cooperation agreement, and Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. (Meling Biology & Medical)was formally established, becoming the first domestic manufacturer of ultra-low temperature storage equipment.

Since its establishment,Meling Biology & Medical adheres to the business philosophy of "Technology-based,Product-based, Market-oriented, and User-centered" to ensure the best security of the biological samples ,help the development of life science research.After 19 years of development, Meling has taken a leading position in the industry by virtue of its strong scientific research strength and production strength.


Meling stood at the forefront of the times and entered the market as a pioneer of ultra-low temperature freezing in China. It has not been a smooth road to become the leader today. However, Meling is consistent, truth-seeking and pragmatic, from product technology to product details, pursuing the ultimate, striving for perfection, and constantly surpassing breakthroughs in product technology.At the beginning of establishment, our targeted refrigeration technology has won the first prize of China Refrigeration Association and the second prize of National Technology Invention.

In the following years, Meling constantly broke through the refrigeration limit and set a new world record in cryogenic industry. From -164℃ to -180℃, from single product to overall solution, Meling conquered one after another seemingly insurable difficulty with its scientific research strength and product quality, and created one cryogenic miracle after another.

Pursue quality and serve attentively

User-centered is the philosophy followed by all employees of Meling .

Meling has been strictly implementing the control of raw materials, implementing zero-defect and zero-error management in the production process to ensure the safety and reliability of each ultra-low temperature unit."Quality is designed, not inspected, material is the source of quality, and process is the soul of quality," said Mr. Qu , the general manager of Meling Biology & Medical.Thousands of repeated experiments are only for better quality and to better guarantee the safe storage of samples. Meling took the lead in launching the National User Service Month activity in the industry. With a complete after-sales service system, every user can truly purchase without worry and use it with confidence.

Social responsibility

As a state-owned listed company, Meling keep its social responsibilities in mind, and always walks in the front line of anti-pandemic and disaster relief when the people are in trouble.

Meling 's donation of anti-pandemic materials

Meling supports reconstruction after the Flood in Henan

Innovation never stops

Since its establishment, Meling has been on the road of innovation, transforming from the "cryogenic equipment field" to the "life science field", from "terminal product manufacturer" to "product + service provider", and from "technology-based leading” to "technology-based, product-based, market-oriented, and user-centered"...

Under the impact of the COVID-19, the medical and health industry has become a new blue ocean of global investment. Independent innovation is the only way to climb the world's scientific and technological peaks. Meiling Biomedical is always striding towards the goal of high-quality development, and will continue to innovate and develop around "products" and "services."