51 Million of Meiling medical refrigerators bid delivery Ceremony


Meiling Biomedical won the bid of the RMB 51 million Henan CDC Cold Chain Equipment Program for Medical Refrigerator, all the tender goods were officially dispatched from our factory to Henan On April 7, 2020.

Among many competitors, Meiling Biomedical won the "Henan CDC Cold Chain equipment Program for Medical Refrigerator" for RMB 51 million with its excellent product quality. This entry into Henan province disease control system, not only for the three flagship products to establish a good reputation, but also stabilize market channel layout on a heavy stroke!

One of the product model that has been repeatedly photographed by CCTV was also impressively listed, and it was stationed in Henan. This was the "Frost Terminator" with the "Presence" of Thunder Mountain Hospital-5 series of high-quality medical refrigerator. It is equipped with "M + energy core" power management system, combined with full air cooling design, the energy saving efficiency of the whole unit is increased by more than 40%; 7 sensor probes to assure the temperature accuracy; the use of vortex air channel refrigeration system, fin evaporator , It can completely solve the trouble of frosting, which can be called the "frost terminator" of medical refrigerators.

In addition, another combined medical refrigerator and freezer named YCD-EL289, which called the ace product of the bid, is a pharmaceutical and biological product storage device that combines refrigeration system and safety system. The product adopts dual system and dual compressor independent control, which can make the refrigerator cool quickly and keep the temperature even after cooling. In addition, it has 8 kinds of sound and light alarm functions such as high and low temperature, and the storage of medical items will be safer.

Replacing simple imitation with independent innovation, and use dual-core targeted refrigeration to benchmark the traditional cascade technology; In the past two years, we have used breakthroughs and innovations to lead the overall upgrade of the industry's refrigeration technology! We replaced the normal direct cooling technology with a new air cooling technology, and replaced the single compressor single system with a true dual compressor system, which achieved the quality leadership of the two segments of the refrigerator and freezer. The strongest sound from Meiling!