"COVID-19" Vaccine Cold Chain Storage Freezer and Refrigerator


Meling sells "COVID-19" Vaccine Cold Chain Storage product: -86 ° C ultra-low Temperature Freezer, -86 ° C Portable Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, 2-8 ° C Vaccine/Pharmacy refrigerator and other refrigeration equipment, to meet the Storage needs of Vaccine refrigeration and freezer.

-40~-86℃ :  1.8 L/ 3.5 L/50 L/ 100 L/ 218 L/ 340 L/ 398 L/528L/678L/778L/858L/1008 L volume

-20~-40℃ :90L/270L/450L/439L/531L/678L/778L/858L/1008 L volume

2~8℃ :55L/75L/130L/260L/315L/395L/525L/725L/1015L/1505L volume

Suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, health and disease prevention systems, research institutions, colleges & universities, the

electronic industry, biological engineering, laboratories in colleges & universities, military enterprises, deep-sea fishing companies, etc.