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2℃~8℃/-10℃~-40℃  Medical Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-FL450
  • 2℃~8℃/-10℃~-40℃  Medical Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-FL450
  • 2℃~8℃/-10℃~-40℃  Medical Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-FL450
  • 2℃~8℃/-10℃~-40℃  Medical Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-FL450
  • 2℃~8℃/-10℃~-40℃  Medical Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-FL450

2℃~8℃/-10℃~-40℃ Medical Combined Refrigerator and Freezer YCD-FL450

•High-precision Computerized Temperature Control System

•High-efficiency Refrigerating System

•Comprehensive Security System

•Direct cooling and electronic temperature control

•Tube-type condenser and built-in type evaporator


Meling 2℃~8℃/-10℃~-40℃ refrigerator freezer combo YCD-FL450 works as scientific refrigerator freezer and medical refrigerator and freezer, which comes with brand new appearance. It is fridge freezer with upper refrigeration and lower freezing separately control. This fridge freezer combo adopts high-efficiency 2 compressors and environmentally friendly refrigeration, which can ensure fast refrigeration and separately control of upper refrigeration chamber and lower freezing chamber. The digital temperature display can indicate operating status clearly, and you can set the high temperature or low temperature alarm points regarding to your needs. We design the thermal insulation with thicker insulation layer and CFC-free polyurethane foam technology for better insulation effect.

High-precision Computerized Temperature Control System
The temperature control system of this combination refrigerator freezer can display the humidity and temerature independently. And you are able to check and view the operating status clearly on the display. This medical grade refrigerator freezer allows you to set the temperature freely with upper temperature in the range of 2℃~8℃ and lower temperature in a range of -10℃~-40℃.

High-efficiency Refrigerating System
This combination refrigerator freezer is equipped with high-efficiency compressors for upper refrigeration chamber and lower freezing chamber. And the refrigerant is environmentally friendly, which can ensure energy-saving and high-efficiency. The CFC polyurethane foaming technology and thicker insulation layer cam improve the effect of thermal insulation.

Comprehensive Security System
It is also a secure vaccine storage refrigerator freezer for the in-built 8 audible and visual alarm system, including high ambient temperature alarm, high\low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, communication failure (USB) data download failure alarm, low battery alarm, door opening alarm, power off alarm, and data logging function not enabled alarm, which ensure safer sample storage.


Scope of Application  Scope of Application

Suitable for freezing of ice bars and storage of various things needing refrigerated storage such as blood plasma, reagent, etc. Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, health and disease prevention systems, blood banks, laboratories in colleges & universities, the frozen food industry and catering industry, etc.


2~8°C /-10~-40°C Combined Refrigerator & Freezer
Internal Size(W*D*H)mmR:650*570*627,F:650*570*627
External Size(W*D*H)mm810*745*1955
Package Size(W*D*H)mm895*820*2035
Temperature RangeR:2~8,F:-10~-40
Ambient Temperature16-32℃
Cooling PerformanceR:5, F:-40
Climate ClassN
DisplayDigital display
Cooling MethodR: Forced air cooling , F:Direct cooling
Defrost ModeR:Automatic, F:Manual
Insulation Thickness(mm)R:80, F:80
External MaterialPowder coated material
Inner MaterialAluminum plate with spraying
ShelvesR:3(coated steel wired shelf),F:6(ABS)
Door Lock with KeyYes
Access Port2pcs. Ø 25 mm
Casters4(2 caster with brake)
Data Logging/Interval/Recording TimeUSB/Record every 10 minute / 2 years
Backup BatteryYes
Door with HeaterYes
TemperatureHigh/Low temperature,High ambient temperature
ElectricalPower failure,Low battery
SystemSensor error,Door ajar,USB datalog failure
Power Supply(V/HZ)230±10%/50
Rated Current(A)3.05
Options Accessory
SystemPrinter,RS485,,RS232,Remote alarm contact


*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.