Clinica Universitaria Colombia Introduces Meling Biomedical Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

       Clinica Universitaria Colombia has introduced Meling Biomedical -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezer - DW-HL528SA for laboratory research. Clinica Universitaria Colombia is Columbia's top academic institution, with some of the world's leading research facilities and laboratories.Ultra-low temperature freezers can be purchased at the Clinica Universitaria Colombia to store organs, vaccines, plasma, and more.

       Meling Biomedical Ultra low temperature freezer DW-HL528SA uses a new generation of ultra-low temperature refrigeration system to ensure fast cooling. At the same time, the imported high-efficiency compressor, separate evaporator and high-efficiency heat preservation system are adopted to save energy and reduce the power consumption of the freezer by 40%. The ultra-low temperature freezer can connect to WiFi to upload data to the cloud space, monitor the equipment, check the freezer status faster, and ensure the safety of samples; optional Bluetooth printer can export temperature data, temperature map, setting operation and other data in real time, so as to understand the operation status of the freezer, which is convenient laboratory operation.

        Meling Biomedical products are now widely used in the medium and long-term preservation of various biologically active substances in the fields of biology, medical research, medical clinic, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc., making contributions to the global medical and health industry, helping the safe storage of vaccines, and caring for people's health .

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