On January 26, a scientific research laboratory of a university in western China purchased a batch of ultra-low temperature freezers from Meling for the preservation of experimental samples. The laboratory is located in an old research building. Like many teaching buildings in the school, it was built in the 1960s and 1970s. There are generally no freight elevators and entrances of passenger elevators are narrow.

For research laboratories in universities, the samples of bacteria, viruses or other animals and plants, as well as some special cells, skin, organs or other living bodies that need to be preserved or studied require large-volume ultra-low temperature equipment for storage. If the entrance size is considered, the laboratory can only choose small capacity cryogenic equipment, which can not only fail to meet the needs of laboratory sample storage, but also occupy the insufficient space in the laboratory.

Faced with the difficulty of getting upstairs and entering the door of the old scientific research building,Meling launched the latest M-Twindrive ultra-low temperature freezer, which combines the optimized box and door structure, and adopts the humanized design of detachable door body. It can easily enter a door with only 90cm width, allowing the laboratory to use large capacity ultra-low temperature freezers for sample preservation and experimental research in a limited space.

The third-generation ultra-low temperature freezer DW-HL680, through the twin-drive frequency conversion and dual independent systems, to ensure the safety of sample storage. Intelligent frequency conversion technology, a personalized sample management system that integrates super energy saving, super uniformity,super quiet, and rapid cooling realize "intelligent storage" and "intelligent retrieval"of samples----sample information can be retrieved at any time to improve the storage efficiency, visual login and login personnel information can be traced. Independent embedded intelligent monitoring module, intelligent cloud IoT, realize information sharing at all times and safe storage of samples.

Meling Biology and Medical is always committed to providing users with better products and services with the "user-centered" business philosophy. As a manufacturer in the field of  ultra-low temperature in China, Meling has been focusing on the research and development of technologies and products in the field of biological medical since its establishment. In recent years, we have participated in the construction of biobank in many universities, hospitals and research institutes at home and abroad. With the breakthrough in refrigeration technology and excellent after-sales service, Meling pharmacy refrigerators and ultra-low temperature freezers have accumulated a good reputation in the industry.

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