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Nebulizer AT-MCN-A
  • Nebulizer AT-MCN-A

Nebulizer AT-MCN-A

•High quality materials

•Adjustable amount of fog

•Rapid raise cures

•Quiet and comfortable


Motor imported raw materials, copper wire movement, 10 years rust protection;

Low noise, adjustable atomization volume, professional medical grade, certified by the state;

One set of 4 pieces for general sterilization, 5PCS of standby filter foam;

  • Painless recuperate

  • No cross infection

  • Direct treatment of lesions

  • Small side effects

We care about the health of you and your child

Needle injury causes not only instant pain,  but also cross infection, inflammation, allergy and other side effects. Drug therapy is not very targeted through the blood circulation while causing different degrees of damage to other body structures. We appeal to you to choose a nebulizer for your family to treat some diseases.

The noise was below 65 decibels

Meling nebulizer can control the noise of atomizer below 65 db by using quality motor and noise reduction technology, so as to improve the user experience of atomization process and make it more comfortable to use.

Luxury motor materials, no medical ambiguity

Piston blades are imported from Germany, cylinder raw materials  are imported from the United States, and we reject inferior materials.

The same type of medical motor USES pure copper core, long compression time, less heat dissipation.

Continuous and stable working ability can reach over 2000 hours. The key metal parts are treated with high-temperature and anti-rust, which further improves the stability of the machine.

Humanized Design

Uniform color, simple design, round appearance, side design bayonet for easy placement of atomizer

Over 5L large flow

Strong motor, airflow up to 5L per minute or more

The atomization amount can be more than 0.25ml



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.