July 3, 2016 to 4, Meiling biomedical marketing manager of the second quarter of the work conference in the city of Binhu District, Hefei, home to the hotel as scheduled. Meeting around the "focus of the project, reinforce the channel" to start, demanding strict norms Golden Triangle project, focusing on large users, the tree double 100 benchmark!



Marketing Manager Shi Sanjiang presided over the meeting


Focus data


Summary of the past



Sales Manager Zhao Yizhong manager with a group of intuitive data opened the curtain of the whole meeting. Summed up the first half of 2016 sales, by the series of products, regional, monthly data and total sales compared with previous years, and make the second half of the product and channel to promote the work of differentiated development strategy.


In the context of overall sales growth, Zhao also said that our sales work has yet to be strengthened, I hope all managers to respond positively to the Group policy to accelerate the completion of sales tasks.



Looking to the future


After summarizing the completion of the sales work in the first half of 2016, Mr.Mr. Fang, Vice President of Meiling Biomedical, also made a detailed analysis of the current market demand and the market share of our products, and made specific instructions on the work plan for the second half of the year. .


Recalling the "cloth channel", "big promotion", "grasping the project" and "strong incentive" of the annual marketing strategy, the total planning details of the second half of the work tasks, accelerate the channel structures, management system, and product promotion work completed .



Focus on honor


Meiling biomedical marketing manager in the award ceremony also held on the 3rd. Mr. Hu Xiaozong, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Xu Shengchao, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Yang Guangzhao, Director of Operations Management Department and Mr. Ge Jiabin, Minister of Technical Quality Department were invited to attend.


The awards were set out of four awards, the task completion rate of the top three: Yu Yang, Hong Xinlong, Ni Dadong; the actual rate of the top three year: Zhang Wei, Zhou Zhusi, Wang Shibo; access to the title of honor Is more than Yang, and access to the honorary title of outstanding newcomer is Zhouzu Si.


The presence of the leadership of the award-winning managers to give great praise, and encourage all managers in the future work to continue to strive for success.




Focus item


The work conference around the latter part of the project carried out a corresponding training, and make detailed planning and deployment.


After training, the two representatives of Meiling Biomedical Marketing Manager who had excellent project promotion also shared their own experiences and lessons with other colleagues in the field. Mr. Fang also summed up the past work of our project and put forward the project promotion Objectives, requirements focus on key areas, an occasionally break through the province, the radiation of the national market!



Focus services



The two-day working session, in addition to sales, referred to more is the word service.


On the product after-sales service work, land management managers to make a specification, and praised the performance of some excellent after-sales service areas, I hope they can play a pioneer role, and other markets to establish a comprehensive after-sales service system. Strengthen communication with the end-users, and actively return visit, regular inspection and maintenance services, maintenance of customer relations, the establishment of a good cycle of service system.



Focus Management


The final presided over by the side on how to effectively manage the dealer seminar, the end of this work conference.


Fang total emphasis on the plan from the interests of the business and the three modules to effectively manage the dealer to strengthen the establishment of close ties between the dealer.


At the same time, the total side said that although the first half of 2016 has made some progress, but hope that the second half of all the drive, strict implementation of the headquarters policy, to complete the set objectives, at the same time, also said that the headquarters of products, As well as policy, etc. to give the greatest support!

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