What can ultra low temperature freezer be used to store?Bacteria, Pollens, Protozoa, Cells, Spores, DNA, Tissue (research use only), Chemical preservation, and more. So how to choose an ultra low temperature freezer?Normally the temperature range of Ultra low temperature freezers can be generally operated between user-set from -40⁰C to -86⁰C, while most models are described as low temperature laboratory freezers that can be set from -10⁰C to -40⁰C, depending on make and model.  Meling Ultra low freezers models are used to support performance testing and product protection across a range of life science and manufacturing operations. The Meling low temperature freezer models are perfect for applications such as testing equipment that need to perform reliably under condition of low temperature and preserving rare or costly biological specimens and research materials in the temperature of -86⁰C.


Tips for Ultra Low Temp Freezers


It is noted that when the lower you set the thermostat on an ultra low temperature freezer, it must consume more energy to maintain the temperature. Keep in mind that it should match the environmental testing recommendations and temperature capability for storage. Meling ultra low temperature upright freezer enables you to adjust the temperature and display in high-precision of 0.1⁰C increments while on-board systems and maintenance diagnostics ensure optimal freezer performance.

Meling ultra low freezer is specially designed in the way that can go a long way toward maintaining internal temperatures. The high-efficiency insulation plus cabinet- and door-mounted gaskets contribute to energy-efficient performance.  It is equipped with separate internal compartments on these Meling ultra low temperature freezers, and each freezer comes with individual insulated magnetic catch doors with VIP plus vacuum insulation panel, confining the intrusion of ambient air to the accessed compartment. What’s more, each compartment can be fitted with optional wire steel shelves or individual specimen racks that in turn can accommodate cell dividers. And the high strength shelves are made of SS304, which is resistant to corrosion and keep your low temperature storage materials safe.


Other Important Ultra Low Freezer Features

Special features are incorporated into these freezers to protect costly or rare contents.


Powerful Refrigeration System

-10°C~-86°C ultra low temperature freezer DW-HL1008s performs fast refrigeration with the help of new generation refrigeration system. You are allowed to set the temperature in the range of -10°C~-86°C in the cabinet freely and in perfect temperature uniformity. The CFC-FREE mixture refrigerant technology enables the deep freezer in high performance and environmental protection.


VIP Plus Vacuum Thermal Insulation

The upright deep freezer adopts high-efficiency VIP vacuum thermal insulation plate in the six sides of the cabinet, which can improve the thermal insulation performance. And it has 2 independent insulation foaming doors with double seal, which can ensure the temperature uniformity in the range of -10°C~-86°C in the cabinet of the ultra deep freezer.


Safety System

This ultra low temperature freezer comes with secure audible and visible alarm system, including high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, filter blocking alarm, power failure alarm, door ajar alarm, low battery level alarm, and system failure alarm. And it features start-up delay and power off protection to ensure reliable operation.


Human-oriented Structure Design

The external material is made of high quality structure steel, and the inner material is made of 304 grade stainless steel, which is exquisite beauty and easy to clean. And the 3 high strength shelves are made of SS304, which is resistant to corrosion and keep your low temperature storage materials safe. The door handle is designed in new-type assisting and pressure reducing valve, which can be opened and closed easily with one hand.

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