King Saud University recently purchased an ultra-low temperature medical freezer refrigerator from Meling Biomedical for laboratory research. King Saud University (KSU) is Saudi Arabia's top academic institution, with some of the world's leading research facilities and laboratories. King Saud University has recently embarked on a massive investment and development program to create a truly world-class research university, not only by recruiting many outstanding international researchers and Nobel Prize winning programs, but also by establishing several centers of research excellence, and the Department of Zoology, established in 1958, has also undergone a massive investment and construction.

Meling Biomedical freezer DW-HL858SA perfectly fits the needs of laboratory research and guarantees the safety and storage stability of samples to the greatest extent. DW-HL858SA has a new generation of ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology, providing users with targeted and rapid cooling; equipped with Rs485 interface and 11 alarm functions; can record ten years of operating data; Intelligent Control System ULT Freezer withprecise temperature control,clear interfaceandsmoother operation.

As a top global cold chain supplier, Meling Biomedical is committed to providing professional technology and quality products to customers all over the world, actively focusing on projects related to anti-epidemic, while helping the development of scientific research nationwide.

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