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We are committed to creating high-standard safe, scientific and convenient automated liquid nitrogen management network. The digital, informatized and standardized management of biological samples is carried out through the intelligent cloud platform.At the same time, it can realize information interaction and remote control on PC and mobile terminals, which further improves the safety, accuracy and convenience of sample management and maximizes the utilization of sample resources.


Program advantages:

Intelligent management can be connected to the server through 4G/WIFI, users can view the monitoring data on the computer or APP, and realize visual remote management;


Lingyun platform liquid level and temperature data are remotely transmitted to the cloud to realize data recording, printing, storage and other functions;


Intelligent monitoring The intelligent monitoring system can monitor the temperature and liquid level of the liquid nitrogen tank with high precision, and realize early warning in various ways such as local and remote text messages, phone calls, and WeChat to ensure the safety of samples: Smart U1 is user-friendly design, minimalist One-click operation, easy to achieve sample partitioning, and more convenient sample access;


Choose from a variety of practical functions such as multiple selection of running status, real-time curve, early warning management, one-key defogging, and temperature recording.


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