Meling Biomedical In the 86th CMEF

On November 23, the 86thChina International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) was widely expected and grandly launched in Shenzhen. Committed to researching and developing cryogenic preservation service for medical health care, disease control and epidemic prevention, Meling Biomedical took with our solution and hot selling products to make a wonderful presentation at this CMEF exhibition.

On the opening day, within three hours, over 50 groups of customers visits Meling Biomedical’s booth, most of whom were from hospitals, some from trading companies and some are end users. Visitors shows great attention to our various refrigerator and freezers. They were very concerned about the safety of sample storage.

Took YC-130L as example,first,it has Double-pane glass door with electric heating function can against condensation at 16-32 ℃ ambient temperature. Besides,Air circulation with finned evaporator achieves fast cooling and ensures temperature uniformity in the cabinet. The standard remote alarm contact allows users to obtain alarm information in time even when they are not near the refrigerator, so as to ensure the safety of samples even better.

 DW-HL1.8 is the smallest portable ultra-low temperature sample storage freezer in the global refrigeration industry. It protects valuable biological materials in the field and can be deployed quickly and easily to clinical sites or to collect specimens, while extending controlled cold storage time, This freezer is ideal for clinical trials, biologic drug and immunotherapy delivery because it is small and plugs into any outlet, worldwide, or DC power from an automobile adapter.

2℃~8℃/-10℃~-26℃ Combined Refrigerator And Freezer YCD-EL 450 has built-in data logger recording temperature data for 100,000 sets of data.Its upper chamber is double glass with low-E, it has electric heating function to prevent condensation; and the lower chamber is solid, it has great insulation function.

After 20 years of continuous innovation and self-improvement, Meling Biomedical , began in 2002, adhere the philosophy of achieving customers and serving users and improve the quality of products and services.

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