ON NOV.28th,Meling completed the blood transport refrigerator project of Turkish Red Cross after the shortest production period with high quality products.


In September 2020, the Turkish Red Cross announced the plan to purchase 200 blood transport refrigerators for blood transportation between the medical outlets across the country to ensure the safety of local blood supply and transportation.Being concerned with people's life and health and biomedical storage solutions, Meling actively participated in and finally won the tender with XC-90W.

As a blood bank refrigerator, XC-90W can maintain the temperature stably at +4℃ to preserve blood,equipped wit LCD for temperature display at real-time, audible , visual alarm in case any abnormalities ,handles and casters for easy movement.
Besides, it is noteworthy that we can use it on vehicle, and change the set temperature to 22 ℃ ,at this temperature blood can be directly fed into the human body .Which means that before arriving at the hospital, there is plenty of blood available in the ambulance in emergency situation. This greatly improves the timeliness and effectiveness of first aid.



   Meling is always on the road to ensuring more people's life and health !

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