Since the beginning of March ,the weather in China is getting warmer and warmer. What's the weather like in your country?As the weather gets warmer and the temperature rises in Spring, in a warm and humid environment, we should not only pay attention to the seasonal maintenance of the our body, but also moderately maintain the refrigerator to enhance its service life.Here are some tips on pharmacy refrigerator maintenance in warm and wet season for your reference.

☞Daily maintenance and use



● Before putting the items in , please make sure that the temperature in the refrigerator has reached the set temperature, and then put them in parts.

● Do not put more than 1/3 of the inner capacity at a time to prevent the temperature from rising too much.



● After running for a period ,the refrigerator needs to be cleaned regularly with a diluted neutral detergent.

● Do not use brushes, acid, gasoline, soap powder, polishes or hot water to clean, and do not use volatile solvents such as gasoline to clean plastic rubber parts.



● Refrigerator should be in the charge of a dedicated person, check the running status and record every day (every 2~4 hours).

● In case of failure or shutdown, the temperature in the refrigerator will rise. If it cannot be repaired within a short time, please take out the stored items and transfer them to the place that meets the temperature requirements for storage to avoid damage to the items.


☞Common faults and solutions

Refrigerator not working?

● Check whether the power supply voltage is too low

● Check whether the power plug is in poor contact

● Check whether the temperature setting is correct



●Whether the refrigerator cabinet is placed on a flat ground

●Whether the refrigerator cabinet touches the wall

●Whether the voltage fluctuation is too large


Condensation on the surface?

●In rainy and humid seasons, condensation may occur on the cabinet, which is a normal phenomenon and you can wipe off it with a dry cloth.

Can't close the door tightly?

●After the equipment is used for a period of time, the door seal is likely to become hard and deformed due to the low temperature in the cabinet. You can use a hair dryer to bake the deformed area with hot air or cover the deformed area with a hot towel, and then close the door tightly after the door seal becomes soft.


Note: The following conditions are not malfunctions!

1 .When the compressor starts and stops, the switch part will make a slight impact sound.

2 .Due to the refrigeration inertia, there is a difference between the displayed temperature and the set temperature, which is normal.

3 .Long-term power failure and not turning off the main power switch will cause the battery to lose power. The display will be abnormal after the power is turned on again. At this time, you need to turn off the main power switch and turn it on again after 1 minute.

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