On September 23th, the 16th Tsinghua University Doctoral Academic Forum of "Life Science, Medicine and Pharmacy", sponsored by Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., LTD., kicked off in Xiongan New Area beside the beautiful Baiyangdian Lake.

Sui Senfang, a biophysicist at Tsinghua University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Wu Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Life Sciences of Tsinghua University, Qu Yaohui, General Manager of Zhongke Meiling Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd. and nearly 300 teachers and students from the School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine, and School of Pharmacy of Tsinghua University participated in the academic forum. This forum is an open sharing of scientific research, as well as a collision and integration of industry and scientific research! Zhongke Meiling and Tsinghua University have once again linked up to jointly promote the in-depth integration of industry and research, adding vitality to the high-quality development of scientific research!

This high-level, high-quality, comprehensive and cutting-edge academic exchange platform not only becomes a showcase for exchanges and collisions of outstanding talents in the fields of life sciences, medicine, and pharmacy, but also promotes in-depth, multi-angle, and all-round exchanges between different disciplines and different laboratories. Academic exchanges and cooperation have now become an excellent opportunity for the integration of scientific research and industrial innovation, and an important activity to accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy.

Zhongke Meiling brought a typical application of mixed working fluid refrigeration technology to this forum, -86℃ ultra-low temperature refrigerator DW680. The high-quality performance of dual-engine inverter is a manifestation of the high-quality application of mixed working fluid refrigeration technology, and is widely used in education and production in medical, universities and enterprises at home and abroad.

In addition, Zhongke Meiling also brought new high-end products—Ruigu series high-speed refrigerated centrifuge CT-G185R, Ruishen series liquid nitrogen biological container MYDD-450-326 and explosion-proof refrigerator, etc. Teachers and students at the forum also had a strong interest in the products and visited and learned about them.

The integrated development of industry, university, research and application is a key link in implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, and is an inevitable requirement for promoting economic growth from high-speed to high-quality development.

In the future, Zhongke Meiling will also carry out longer-term and in-depth cooperation based on the Tsinghua University Doctoral Forum. Focusing on the requirements of high-quality development, we will explore the frontiers of science and technology with Tsinghua University to promote the development of cutting-edge science and technology in the field of life sciences. For the development of life and science, we should remain true to our original aspirations and move forward with forge ahead!


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