On April 11, 2024, Zhongke Meiling attended the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) held in Shanghai. This fair as a world leading medical and health technology platform, provides a comprehensive display of technological advancements and solutions from across the entire medical industry chain. 

As a leading global provider of biotechnological solutions, Zhongke Meiling actively participated in and deeply engaged grand event to showcase its advanced new arrival biobank cryogenic robots SU-80 and -150℃ automated cryogenic freezer DW-UW60, and other representative products such as high-speed refrigerated centrifuge CT-G185R, biosafety cabinet BSC1200-IIA2-W, pharmacy refrigerator YC-1018L and ultra-low temperature freezer DW-HL680 to on-site attendees from the biomedical industry.

Zhongke Meiling's automated biological sample library solution focuses on the industry's pain points, integrates technological advantages, and pioneers the creation of a combined unit storage sample library. With the goal of higher safety, we provide high-quality one-stop solutions for the collection, processing, transportation, entry, preservation and use of biological samples! On this basis, Zhongke Meiling increased its investment in automation technology and released a new automation product - Biobank Cryogenic Robots SU-80, opening a high-security era of automated sample storage. Biobank Cryogenic Robots SU-80 has a full-process ultra-low-temperature cold chain protection function, allowing biological samples to complete transfer, tube picking and storage in a -80°C environment to prevent sample damage.

The intelligent innovation in cryogenic freezer to achieve intelligent control and security. The -150℃ automated cryogenic freezer DW-UW60 support intelligent voice control and door lifting to meet the control needs of different scenarios for easy sample access, and the built-in sensor monitors the status of the freezer shelf in the box in real time, and constructs a strict feedback mechanism to ensure that mechanical damage can be avoided during any operation, and all-round escort can be achieved.  The partition design is suitable for a variety of frozen boxes, making sample storage more orderly. 

And the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge CT-G185R showcase its outstanding characteristics and functions, such as a maximum speed of 4 minutes of refrigeration and 18500R efficient centrifugal, have attract much more attention before launched. 


The onsite displayed products has attracted many customers to stay and visit our booth, and received high recognition and appreciation. Zhongke Meiling once again showcased its brand development concept of life sciences and medical innovation with high-quality products and services.It shows that Zhongke Meiling has continuously occupied the high point of scientific and technological innovation and is the leading the industry in the medical field.

The exhibition still going on, for more Zhongke Meiling automation products and applications in the field of life science, welcome to visit the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Hall 6.1 - Booth W21 on-site visit, our experienced team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide you with personalized advice on product performance and how to make the best use our products .

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