-10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Biomedical Freezer DW-YW226A
  • -10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Biomedical Freezer DW-YW226A
  • -10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Biomedical Freezer DW-YW226A
  • -10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Biomedical Freezer DW-YW226A

-10°C ~-25°C Low-temperature Biomedical Freezer DW-YW226A

•Stable temperature performance

•High quality refrigeration system

•High-precision temperature control

•Reliable audible and visual alarm system

•Cost-effective biomedical chest freezer


Meling -10°C ~-25°C low temperature biomedical freezer is specially designed in medical and laboratory grade. This low temp freezer brings out stable performance in refrigeration and temperature control. And this chest deep freezer provides you with optional capacity in 226L  to meet different storage needs. It is equipped with environmentally friendly Freon-free refrigerant and high-efficiency compressor, which can ensure energy-saving and fast refrigeration.

Refrigeration System

The environmentally friendly Freon-free refrigerant and high-efficiency enclosed compressor supplied by a famous brand can ensure energy saving and low noise. The condenser installed on the bottom ensures temperature stability and system reliability.

Temperature Control

The high-precision computerized temperature control system ensures an adjustable temperature within a range from -10 to -25℃ inside the cabinet.

Security System

The well-developed audible & visual alarm system (sensor failure alarm,  high temperature/low temperature alarm, etc.) makes it safer for storage; The turn-on delay and stopping interval protection function can ensure reliability in running.


The airbag-type built-in door gasket is dustproof and easy to clean. The design of upward door opening and the balancing door hinge facilitate door opening; the built-in shelves are convenient for placement of things.


Mappings  Mappings

Scope of Application  Scope of Application

Biomedical chest freezer suitable for freezing of ice bars and storage of various things needing refrigerated storage such as blood plasma, reagent, etc. Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, health and disease prevention systems, blood banks, laboratories in colleges & universities, the frozen food industry and catering industry, etc.


-10°C ~-25°C Biomedical Freezer

Internal Size(W*D*H)mm954*410*7031220*545*6731504*545*673
External Size(W*D*H)mm1115*610*8901350*785*8801650*735*880
Package Size(W*D*H)mm1180*665*10101440*803*10741775*852*1061

Temperature Range-10~--25℃-10~--25℃-10~--25℃
Ambient Temperature16-32℃16-32℃16-32℃
Cooling Performance-25℃-25℃-25℃
Climate ClassNNN
  DisplayDigital displayDigital displayDigital display

Cooling MethodDirect coolingDirect coolingDirect cooling
Defrost ModeManualManualManual
Insulation Thickness(mm)707070

External MaterialPowder coated materialPowder coated materialPowder coated material
Inner MaterialEmbossed aluminum sheetPowder coated materialPowder coated material
Coated Hanging Basket1   2   2
Door Lock with KeyYesYesYes
Casters4(2 caster with brake)4(2 caster with brake)l6(2 caster with brake)

TemperatureHigh/Low temperatureHigh/Low temperatureHigh/Low temperature
SystemSensor failureSensor failureSensor failure



*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.