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-20°C~-40°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer  DW-FL778
  • -20°C~-40°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer  DW-FL778
  • -20°C~-40°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer  DW-FL778
  • -20°C~-40°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer  DW-FL778

-20°C~-40°C Ultra-low Temperature Freezer DW-FL778

•High efficiency Refrigeration system

•High-precision Temperature control system

•Large-area finned condenser

•High-performance vacuum insulation

•Well-developed alarm system


Meling -20°C~-40°C low temperature freezer DW-FL778 medical freezer is equipped with high-quality refrigeration system for fast cooling. The high-precision temperature control system can display various parameters simultaneously, including power voltage, temperature inside the cabinet and environmental temperature, which can indicate the operation status clearly. And you are free to set the temperature inside the cabinet in the range of -20°C to 40°C. The two-layer heat insulation foamed door with airbag-typed outer steal can prevent loss of refrigerating capacity in an effective way.

High Efficiency Refrigeration System
·Freon-free refrigerant, compressor supplied by an international famous brand and  EBM fan can guarantee fast cooling and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly;
·Refrigerating circuit with proprietary intellectual property rights ensures high efficiency    and stability;
·Two-layer heat insulating foamed door and the insulation design of the outer door    system with multiple patents can prevent loss of refrigerating capacity in an effective way;
·Six sides of the cabinet are made from high-performance vacuum insulation material,    improving thermal insulation performance to a large extent.

High-precision Temperature Control System
High-precision microcomputer temperature control system and platinum resistor temperature sensors ensure more precise temperature control.

Human-oriented Design
High-quality steel plate structure with phosphate coating, stainless steel liner and low noise design can create a comfortable environment.


Scope of Application  Scope of Application

Suitable for use in scientific research, cryogenic test on special materials, blood plasma cryopreservation, low temperature resistance test on biological materials, vaccines, biological products and military products, etc. Suitable for use in research institutions, the electronic industry, the chemical industry, hospitals, the health & disease prevention system, laboratories in colleges & universities, military enterprises, etc.


-40℃ Ultra-low Temperature Freezer
Internal Size(W*D*H)mm865*696*1286
External Size(W*D*H)mm1205*1025*1955
Package Size(W*D*H)mm1270*1105*2094
Temperature Range-20~-40℃
Ambient Temperature16-32℃
Cooling Performance-40℃
Climate ClassN
DisplayDigital display
Cooling MethodDirect Cooling
Defrost ModeManual
Insulation Thickness(mm)130
External MaterialHigh quality steel plates with spraying
Inner MaterialSpray gavanized steel plate
Shelves3(stainless steel)
Door Lock with KeyYes
External LockYes
Access Port3pc. Ø 25 mm
Casters4+(2 leveling feet)
Data Logging/Interval/Recording TimeUSB/Record every 10 minute / 2 years
Backup BatteryYes
TemperatureHigh/Low temperature,High ambient temperature
ElectricalPower failure,,Low battery
SystemSensor error, Condenser cooling failure,Door ajar,System failure,Main board communication error, Built-in datalogger USB failure
Power Supply(V/HZ)220/50
Rated Current(A)4.08
Options Accessory
SystemRS485, RS232,Printer,Chart recorder,Remote alarm contact


*Note: Continuous innovation of products and continuous improvement of performance. This technical parameter is for reference only.