Meling Biomedical In Medica 2022

Medica 2022, the world's leading medical trade exhibition,is scheduled to start on On November 14th in the exhibition center of Dusseldorf, Germany.Under the influence of epidemic and economic situation,the top healthcare area fair still presented a large number of medical innovation achievements and various theme activities to the audience and visitors,in return demonstrating its irreplaceable international status. It also added online interactive services to enable online and offline exhibition more efficiency. 

As one of national new high-tech and innovative enterprises in China with independent research and development capabilities, Meling Biomedical team displayed super star products ( ultra-low temperature freezer ,pharmacy refrigerators and comibined refrigerator and freezer ) about its design,structure and electronic control system in detail which obtains lots of people’s sight.For DW-HL528HC it is designed user-friendly,easily to open and close the door with vacuum vent with plunger and multiple audible and visible alarm system, built-in data logger recording 10 years’ graphic and temperature data. It also has excellent temperature uniform, trusted SECOP brand compressor and natural refrigerant with CE certification.The ultra low freezer has a new look 7 inches LED touch screen display, giving you more user-friendly and convenient interface.  And you are free to set the inside temperature from -40°C~-86°C.

Our hot product YC-395L also receives much visitors’ attention.It has efficient refrigeration with finned evaporator achieving fasting cooling and temperature uniformity. It’s microprocessor controller can display in 0.1℃ increments. Clear visibility inside the refrigerator compartment is provided by 2 LED lights, which are automatically turned on once the door is opened, or they can be turned on without opening the door through physical buttons.

 YCD-FL289 is a combination refrigerator freezer with upper 2°C ~ -8°C and lower-10°C~40℃,separating cooling type with upper fan direct cooling and lower direct cooling with 2 compressors and separate control of upper refrigeration chamber and lower freezing chamber. It has inter-room independent door lock and independent external padlock to ensure safe sample storage.

Since establishment, Meling Biomedical has launched a series of medical and laboratory refrigerators for vaccine storage. Meling Biomedical has provided ultra-low temperature refrigerators and solutions to Germany, the United States, Russia,France,the United Kingdom, Indonesia and other countries and regions.In the future we will proceed our step to forward more intelligent solutions.

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