2℃~8℃ Ice Lined Refrigerator Medical Refrigerator YC-150EW

•Constant temperature under intelligent control

•Well-developed audible & visual alarm

•High-efficiency Freon-free refrigeration


•4-digit LED high-brightness digital display

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ice lined vaccine freezer

•Constant temperature under intelligent control •Well-developed audible & visual alarm •High-efficiency Freon-free refrigeration •Meling Ice Lined Refrigerator with PQS certification •4-digit LED high-brightness digital display

blood bank refrigerator

•Return air design for precise temperature control •High-efficiency refrigeration for security of blood •3 stainless steel drawers •9 blood basket •Constant temperature under intelligent control

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medical freezer

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•Use medical-grade transparent polypropylene material •Box is non-frost and easy to resist moisture •Low temperature tolerance •The medical level high quality material •Suitable for all standard storage racks

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•Leading air cooling performance •Energy saving efficiency improved 40%+ •Electrical heating door for better anti-condensation effect •6 sensors for high precision of temperature control •Intelligent audible and visible alarm system

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•Brand new appearance with high-quality product •Multiple alarms ensure safety of storage •High-precision temperature control •High-definition digital temperature display •3 drawers for separate storage conveniently

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